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Highly Skilled Migrants

Com.pas can fully support you in the process of bringing employees to the Netherlands from abroad, and we are here for highly skilled migrants looking for an organisation that can handle the process for them.

Many companies are reluctant to employ highly skilled migrants due to the complex rules on employment and residence permits. For the application of a residence permit for highly skilled migrants, the employer must be recognised by the IND as a sponsor. If your organisation is not a recognised sponsor, then you can recruit the employee through a payroll company such as Com.pas. Com.pas can also offer full support to highly skilled migrants who have been recruited in the Netherlands and need help with this process.

Com.pas is recognised as a sponsor and is listed as such in the IND register. We can also provide support in:

  • Payrolling;
  • Applying for a Citizen Service Number (BSN);
  • Applying for the 30% ruling;
  • Insurance;
  • Income tax returns.

To find out more about our services, please get in touch with us without any obligation.

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