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Administrative and accountancy firms

Com.pas takes care of the salary administrations for several administration and accountancy firms. This can be done in various ways, for example by using our White label solution. As a result, your customers do not notice that the payroll administrations are taken care of by us. You are in contact with your customer and we perform the work on behalf of your organization. This way you can offer all customers a full service. In addition, the continuity of these activities is guaranteed by our team of wage specialists. In addition, you have 24/7 access to our portal where all salary-related overviews (pay slips, journal entries, payment overview, etc.) of your customers can be found clearly.

You retain control over your customers and benefit from the reliability, extensive knowledge and service of Com.pas. Our mission is to be complementary to your services in order to keep your customers in the Small and medium-sized company or The director-major shareholder (DGA) as satisfied as possible. Of course we can also contact your customers directly and other solutions are possible.

Completely unburdened

On your behalf and fully white label or as a partner under our own name, we take care of the payroll administrations from € 10,25 per pay slip and we deliver the wage output to you and your customers. Every month at a fixed agreed delivery time, you receive an email notification that the wage output is ready in our portal. They can view this wage output in their own employer environment. In addition, their employees get access to the employee counter for their personal pay slips, annual statement and, if desired, one of our HR Modules.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and how we can unburden your organization? Then feel free to contact us without any obligation. Or arrange it directly via the quotation form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The administration and accountancy firms regulation

  • Always up-to-date on CLA changes
  • Starting at €10,25 per pay slip
  • Full focus on your core business
  • Connection with various accounting programs
  • Professional expansion of your range of services
  • No purchase of your own salary package

Request quote

  • User-friendly, secure cloud software, accessible 24/7
  • The continuity of the work is always guaranteed
  • 1 point of contact for tax and labor law advice
  • White label solution available
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  • Sanela Gacevic (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt)

  • Stefan Verschoor (Hostingformule)

  • Hayco Plantinga (Fontein ICT Advies B.V)

  • Anita Staal (Stichting Akoesticum)

  • Erik Burink (TJM Administratie & Belastingadvies)

  • Peter-Jon Ferus (Fairspoons Personeelsdiensten)

  • Irene Huzen (Wie Zorgt!)

  • Hans Zomer (RecruitProfs)

  • Martin Koerts (Avenzis)

  • Maurits Alberda (SeaQurrent)

  • Miranda Godvliet (Euroflorist Nederland B.V.)

  • Nick Rademaker (NR Grafisch Ontwerp)

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