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Administration services

Com.pas has been providing administrative services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and director-majority shareholders (DGA) in the Netherlands for over 20 years. Com.pas can take care of all the bookkeeping for you, including the preparation of the annual accounts. We can introduce you to one of our collaborating accountants to prepare the annual accounts, income tax returns and corporate tax returns, but we can also work with your own accountant.

For more information about our administrative services, you can always contact us without any obligation.

Services of Com.pas

At Com.pas you can, among other things, process purchase and sales invoices, invoicing and debtor management, interim reporting, control of your own administration or as a second opinion (Pre-audit), sales tax return or as additional reinforcement in busier times. Com.pas’s aim is to offer an as complete as possible modular service package for you as an entrepreneur. For this purpose we have selected suppliers and partners who at least meet a price and quality ratio determined by us.

Com.pas delivers tailor-made solutions

At Com.pas we prefer to focus on the here and now rather than indicate afterwards how you as an entrepreneur could have handled things better. For example, we provide solicited and unsolicited advice if we think certain matters can be arranged more efficiently.

Com.pas offers a fixed point of contact for all administrative and tax issues, which means that customers describe us more as a colleague than as a remote administration office. By using our far-reaching automated software, which is also accessible to you as an entrepreneur, and with clear working agreements, Com.pas delivers tailor-made solutions. Do you want to be completely unburdened or do you want to continue to carry out certain tasks yourself?

Com.pas moves along with your organisation. When there is more or less work, we also switch up or down. In addition, we deploy the right employees for the work to keep costs for your organization as low as possible.

Because several colleagues within Com.pas can carry out the work, the continuity of the administrative processes is guaranteed. This provides security, overview and peace of mind. This way you can fully focus on the activities that you enjoy within your organization.

Would you like to know more about our services and how we can support your organization? Please feel free to contact us.

Offerte aanvragen

  • Customized services, fully tailored to your wishes
  • Your financial administration is always up to date
  • The continuity of the work is always guaranteed
  • The continuity of the work is always guaranteed
  • Pro-active advice aimed at your business
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