Clocx is an initiative of Have-IT, based in Ede. Have-IT is an expert in custom software development. Several of our clients expressed the need for a modular and flexible tool for time tracking. Booking, accounting, and invoicing are important parts of every organization, but not everyone’s favorite tasks. Due to the versatility of Clocx, our tool is suitable for companies, managers, freelancers, and anyone who needs a comprehensive and transparent administration. Whether it’s for accurate invoicing or managing your employees’ payroll.

By making registration simple, we prevent incomplete records and support entrepreneurs. With the user-friendly Clocx app or website, you can enter your work hours, units, or expenses during or right after your work, so you no longer need to remember how much time you spent on client A or how many costs you incurred for project B! This way, you have an overview, and your invoices are always complete.

Our software is easy to use and suitable for every entrepreneur in any industry. As Clocx enables you to track any desired metrics, you can easily monitor hours, units, screws, pages, or words. You decide what you track and, of course, at what rate. We can’t promise that administration will become your new hobby from today, but we can tell you that many entrepreneurs benefit from working with Clocx.

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