TJM Belastingadvies

Support and advisory services in the fiscal and financial domain – that’s what we do. So you can focus on what you love: entrepreneurship.

How do we do that? We offer advice and support in an informal and approachable manner, yet always maintaining professionalism and a commitment to your needs. Our motto is “keep it simple, that’s complicated enough.” We believe it’s important for you to feel at ease and trust us. You wouldn’t just hand over your financial situation without confidence. That’s why we are engaged, knowledgeable, and handle your data confidentially.

Moreover, we stand for:

  • Knowledge of current laws and regulations;
  • Providing both requested and proactive advice, in understandable language;
  • Utilizing the latest administration software;
  • Offering advice where you prefer: at your location or from our office.

TJM Administratie en Belastingadvies is located in Barneveld. From here, we assist freelancers, SMEs, and large corporations with services including their financial statements, tax filings and financing requests.

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