The IT market is constantly evolving, and as a user, you often can’t see the wood for the trees. Which product should you choose? How do you keep the desired level of knowledge within your organization up to date? Who provides you with the best advice, and who offers the right support for your organization?

Years of experience in various industries and a clear vision for developing automation solutions have ultimately led to the establishment of CompuShare Automation Solutions. Our company evolves alongside all the developments in the industry, but without losing sight of the most important principle: with good automation, you and your organization shouldn’t notice a thing.

CompuShare offers the total package in the field of automation. Whether it concerns system management, consultancy, computer repair, or fixed and mobile telephony, CompuShare takes care of it and provides complete unburdening in these services.

By being highly flexible and ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly, you can fully concentrate on the activities within your organization. In the event that issues arise unexpectedly, it is often possible to resolve the problem remotely via a VPN connection. If this doesn’t achieve the desired results, CompuShare will be at your doorstep as quickly as possible. With CompuShare, you can confidently outsource your entire automation needs.

What sets CompuShare apart is our deep understanding that the cost aspect is of paramount importance. Our significant advantage lies in our ability to work effectively and very efficiently by offering a comprehensive package. As a result, in many cases, total automation costs can be up to 20 percent lower compared to other IT companies.

Our current clients confirm that we more than deliver on the promised quality of our services. This is evident from the long-lasting relationships we have built with our clients in various industries.

The total package from CompuShare

  • Consultancy & ICT Management
  • Project & interim management
  • Voice over IP telephony (VOIP) & Mobile telephony
  • Computer repair & maintenance
  • Online Backup & Recovery
  • Web design
  • Hardware and software supply
  • VPN security solutions

Of course, nice words are just words, and we understand that you want to be convinced of the benefits you’ll gain when you decide to outsource your automation to CompuShare.

We would be happy to visit you without any obligation to introduce ourselves and provide advice on the latest technologies and how we can help achieve your business objectives within your organization through automation solutions.

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