We at Subsidiebaas guide employers through the maze of Personnel Subsidies within the Social Security system.

We have cataloged all HR-related subsidy streams related to hiring, retaining, and training personnel in our Databaas. This ensures that employers don’t miss out on any HR subsidies.

In practice, we observe that Social Security often doesn’t receive the necessary priority within organizations to fully capitalize on available subsidies. Often, the responsibility for Social Security and HR subsidies rests with a single person within the Finance and/or HRM department. This poses significant risks when this knowledgeable person leaves the organization or is absent. Additionally, staying up-to-date with all the changes requires constant investment, as the subsidy landscape is subject to frequent changes. Precisely for these reasons, outsourcing these activities is a good and rewarding solution.

We provide employers peace of mind through our Wage Cost Control software, handling the entire process for them. This ensures continuity of knowledge, expertise, and processing times. Currently, we’re witnessing employers missing deadlines or not having their knowledge fully up-to-date. Moreover, Social Security is undergoing substantial changes, making it challenging to maximize all available opportunities. This is despite the fact that subsidies can amount to up to €17,000 per employee!

Our Wage Cost Control software ensures a fixed monthly fee for optimizing all possibilities and keeping up with administrative obligations. Additionally, we provide insight into the Social Security aspects within your organization (SROI, no-risk policies, ZW-WGA liability, etc.). The inflow and outflow of personnel can directly impact the amount of subsidies and HR regulations applicable.

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